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READER reviews
  • One of the best shock-thrillers I have read for a long time and one that stayed with me long after I put the book down. I ached with sympathy for the predicament Steven finds himself in and although I’m not sure I approved of his unorthodox vigilante solution, it was certainly understandable in the circumstances.

    - Tony - Herts
  • Lovesick is cracking stuff if you like your thrillers with a dash of gore and a huge dose of page-turning suspense. Not to be missed - it’ll keep you up all night!

    - Allie - Scotland
  • Ellen Hunt is the latest psychopath on the block. It is her twisted obsession for Steven that fuels this story and when he fails to reciprocate she sets out to punish him in the cruellest way possible. Gripping and gory - a must for any psychological thriller fan.

    - Suzie - Spain
  • Steven Finn moves in with Blanche Hunt and her creepy daughter, Ellen and amongst an atmosphere of impending doom the story begins. Steven and his smart and likeable sidekick, Alison are characters you immediately empathise with but a word of warning, it is quite violent in parts and not for the faint-hearted.

    - Elizabeth - York.

Psychological Thriller Writer

Welcome to my home page. If you are looking for a gory, unconventional thriller this website is for you! The razor-thin line between love and hate is an interesting premise, as is the motivation that drives people to kill. Both themes are explored in my debut novel.

Ellen Hunt, a lonely, delusional young girl, is driven to kill when Steven Finn, her mother’s handsome new lodger, moves into their sprawling Victorian mansion.

That Blanche Hunt is a cruel, neglectful mother and Ellen little more than her unpaid drudge soon becomes apparent to Steven, but not so apparent is that Ellen is also psychotic.

Steven’s looks and casual kindness soon ignite a dark, sexual obsession in Ellen, and driven by the fantasy that one day he will be hers, she sets out on a bloody killing spree, removing every obstacle that stands between her and her goal.

Lovesick is not all gore, there are many playful moments along the way and an eclectic mix of characters, providing both humour and pathos.

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